A-List Sampler

Monday 30 March -

Monday 6 April


Presented by: A-List Productions


The sampler features the hottest rising stars of the comedy world (and a secret special guest or two), lovingly hand-picked to provide you with the ultimate comedy sampler. If you're not sure what to see this Comedy Festival what better way to check out a short set from some of the best acts in the Festival?


Adam Hills-

Shoes Half Full

Tuesday 07 -

Sunday 19 April



Australia’s BAFTA-nominated, globe-trotting, stand-up star is back with a brand new hour of rampant spontaneity, uplifting comedy and a plea for a bit of effing common sense.


Akmal -

Open for Renovations

Wednesday 25 March -

Sunday 19 April


Have you always wanted a perfect body, with rock hard abbs and buns of steel without ever getting out of bed?

Imagine having enough confidence to get out of your car during a road rage incident that wasn’t your fault, instead of apologising and cowardly driving off as quickly as you can.

Well in this one-hour show, Akmal will be asking the audience if they know how he can achieve these things.


Wednesday 07 April -

Saturday 18 April

Since starting out in stand-up 2007 this country South Australian lad has made a global name for himself – from living in LA back in the day, where he was somehow entrusted to attend events and interview A-List celebs on the red carpet for FOX FM, to being flown back there some ten years later to shoot with comedy legend Sacha Baron Cohen to starring in a zombie movie with Jim Jefferies and selling out Australian, Edinburgh Fringe and New Zealand seasons year after year.


Alex Williamson -

Oi Mate!

Arj Barker

Comes Clean

Wednesday 25 March -

Sunday 19 April


Do I swear to tell the whole truth? No, but I'll swear while telling the partial truth. And trust me, it's a lot more fun that way. If you truly want to laugh, then take my word for it. This is honestly the best hour of BS around, I kid you not...


Wednesday 07 April -

Sunday 19 April

Panic, terror, stupidity, crisis; they can all form a queue and suck the wrinkles out of Chopper's walnut wallet because he has stopped giving a f*** and is done with suffering fools.



Heath Franklin's Chopper–

The Silencer

Ivan Aristeguieta -


Wednesday 25 March -

Sunday 19 April


This loud and primal chant of raging Latino kids drives a birthday boy to madness…

Ever since he turned 40, Ivan has had this chant stuck in his head. Is he growing up, or still just a big kid? Is the party over or just beginning? Maybe it’s time to take off the blindfold and see what’s in front of him. To get the candy of life, he must beat the crap out of everything he has learned so far.


25 March-

05 April

He’s back with a new show having stepped out from behind Malcolm Turnbull and into the light of a brave new world.  There’s lots to get through after three years, buy a ticket take the ride, it’s going to be quite beautiful.


"Australia’s Funniest Comedian" – New Idea


Lawerence Mooney- Beauty

Marty Sheargold

Wednesday 25 March -

Sunday 05 April


An Encore performance of Marty's sold out 2019 tour. Don't miss the opportunity to laugh live with the star of the Nova networks Kate,Tim & Marty show, as he delivers a load of jokes & stories he can't do between 4pm and 6pm.

If you've seen him on Have You Been Paying Attention? & want more, book now. Don't disappoint him, yourself or his property broker by missing out!


Stephen K Amos

Wednesday 25 March -

Sunday 19 April


Stephen K Amos is on a mission to bring about world peace, or to at least bring about an evening of peace! Bringing achingly funny anecdotes, hilarious takes on the everyday and his infectious charm, Stephen will warm your cold, stiffened hearts. Join together with your fellow man and experience the universal language of laughter!