Michael Palin - Live On Stage

Tue 04 Dec 2018



Doors Open: 7.00pm


Act One: 7:30pm


Approx. Finish: 9:00 pm



Presented by: Lateral Events


Michael Palin, iconic comedian, actor, writer and television travel presenter, will tour Australia in December with a new live show.


Monty Python, the Beatles of comedy, epitomized the innate ability to take good ideas and compress them into diamonds. Think about Monty Python and a myriad of conflicting sketches crash into your mind: The Dead Parrot, Nudge Nudge, Argument Clinic, Hell’s Grannies, The Lumberjack Song, The Killer Joke.


Michael Palin will re-live his legendary comedic repertoire before delving into his latest project, a change of pace and focus; documenting the maritime adventures of HMS Erebus.


Erebus was part of a successful 19th-century British expedition to the Antarctic which set out from Hobart, but later met her doom in search of a Northwest Passage across what is now Canada's Arctic.


“The story of the life and death of HMS Erebus appeals to me on many levels. It combines my love of the sea and ships, my fascination with those who went where no-one had been before, and my conviction that history is made by accident rather than intention” - Michael Palin.